Want To Sell Your Home Fast – Think Like A Buyer HOME SELLER: Episode 00006


Want to sell YOUR Home FAST – Think Like A Buyer. Most sellers expect their home to sell quickly, at the best price possible. They believe their home is the best in the area and that their improvements demand top dollar. How can you trust that this is true? Just ask any seller and they he will tell you.

Many sellers hire a listing agent, but do not want to take their advice. They consider themselves or their neighbors or friends as experts. Often they tend to negotiate their listing price with their agents rather than looking at the facts. Then they wonder why their home is sitting while others are selling.

Beware sellers, buyers today are smart! Sellers need to realize that they cannot sell their home if no one looks at it. Today’s buyers are extremely tech savvy and do their homework before considing a home. In this age of technology, a buyer will not look further if they there is no virtual tour or at the very least, multiple photos of the property. What else are buyers looking for?

Web presence – If buyers do not find your home on the internet, odds are they will not see it at all. Today, print ads are the least effective way to market a home. Make sure that your listing agent is just as tech savvy as the typical buyer, if not more so. Of course, the buyers agent will search the Multiple Listing Service and present homes, but again, the buyer wants to see what your home looks like before they consider it. For your home to be considered you will need the BIG 3 – PICTURES AND MANY OF THEM, INFORMATION ON THE HOUSE INCLUDING ROOM DIMENSIONS ON MAJOR ROOMS AND A VIRTUAL TOUR.

Price – Buyers want the lowest price, while sellers want the highest price. When buyers search, they know what they can afford. If they consider your home over priced, it will not be considered. Be sure your home is competitively priced. Have your agent do an analysis of similar homes and you price your home within the range of the results. If you price too high, odds are you will need to reduce it. When buyers see that, they think “how low will they go?”

Curb Appeal – first impressions are lasting. If your home is not immaculate and well maintained, odds are the buyer will not cross the threshold. Remove the gardening tools and kids toys. Think landscaping, paint, and a manicured lawn.

Less is Best – Clutter and family items detract from your home. Buyers need to picture your home as theirs. How could they place their furniture? How functional is the kitchen. Do not distract the buyers if you are there (BETTER YET DO NOT BE THERE WHEN THE BUYERS COME TO VIEW YOUR HOME, ESPECIALLY IF YO WANT TO SELL THE HOUSE).

An Empty Home Shows Blemishes – Clutter is bad, an empty home is worse. Bare walls and floors magnify flaws such as minor stains on rugs, slight dents in walls, or small scratches on floors. Buyers need decor to help envision the home as theirs while distracting them from minor imperfections.

We have a service that is FREE to the sellers if they must leave their home vacant. We know of a company that has a Home Staging and Maintenance Program.

Home Staging and Maintenance Program that includes:

1 Placing Certified Home Managers (NOT Tenants) with great looking furniture into vacant homes on the market. Keep in mind, this is a great for selling homes the owner must leave.






7. WHEN HOME GOES PENDING OUR HOME MANAGER MOVES OUT QUICKLY (as there is no landlord tenancy law and no lease term)

This is a FREE service to the Seller(s). The company makes their money from the Certified Home Manager who occupies and maintains the home as their own.

STATS: Home Staging sells homes for 7-17% more money and 2x as fast.
SHORT SALE SITUATIONS: Owners of Short Sales are experiencing falling credit scores.

The sooner the home sells, the sooner their credit stops falling. This could mean the difference in only a 50 point drop or as much as 350 over time if they do nothing. Homes statistically sell for 7-17% more money which, many times, can mean the difference between the Lender accepting an offer or rejecting it. A study of California listings found that a vacant home was 9.5 percent more likely to undergo a price reduction.

Stay Away – Buyers are uncomfortable around owners. Couples hesitate to express their feelings. Buyers rush through quickly, afraid to disturb the owner. Owners who stay tend to talk about their home and may annoy prospective buyers. They could respond to questions in a way that concerns the buyer. Let the prospective buyer learn about minor problems with the home from the disclosure or home inspection. Sellers and buyers should allow all communication to go through their respective agents.

Consider these suggestions when choosing your agent and how they can help you achieve your goals. Make sure your agent understands your needs, has a substantial web presence, and knows how a buyer thinks. If you do not have an agent you know and trust, you can find a list of Accredited Buyer Representatives that are trained to understand how buyers think and you can look for them at http://www.rebac.net. If you go that route, make sure to ask that the agent is not strictly a buyer’s agent, but has listing experience as well.


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