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What Do Home Buyers Want?

Now here is the grail of home sales! What is it that buyers actually want? Well, agreeably this will differ with each buyer but it’s pretty easy to generalize about the things that buyers look for in a home and it’s also just as easy to say what they don’t want. For starters we will look at some general things that buyers like to see when looking for a new home and then we will move on to the “NO” list.

The most important thing that can be stressed here is that buyers want to see a clean home. Not just everyday clean either, they want “show home” clean. This can be hard to achieve while actually living in the home as living on a daily basis creates a mess. It may be slight depending on how you live day-to-day but it is still going to be there. So the name of the game here is maintenance. A good idea is to get some professional cleaners in to do the initial work and then you simply have to keep the home in the same shape throughout the showings. The other major areas of interest for buyers are the appliances that come with the home. Rickety old appliances from 1970 are not likely to cause a positive reaction. Buyers like to see shiny, new, matching appliances. Another thing buyers look for is a new paint job. Take that old tired paint job and chuck it away. Nothing brings out the charm and character of a home like a new paint job. It will also drastically increase your curb appeal and the buyer’s first impression of the home.

Now, what is it that buyers don’t want? Most of all they don’t want to have to do any additional work after moving. Most will not want to have to spend hours hacking through overgrown gardens and lawns, shampooing dirty carpets or replacing broken fixtures. It is understandable that some homes are sold in this condition as “fixer-uppers” but that is another thing altogether. Most buyers are looking for a home where they will have to put out as little money and energy as possible in making your old house into their new home. Keep these things in mind and the home selling process should be much more fulfilling, and profitable.

What Home Buyers Look For In A House

When you sell your house you are usually looking to make some profit in the deal and close the deal as quickly as possible. The key to selling your home quickly and getting your asking price in any real estate market is to know what buyers look for in a house. Once you understand the features that can sell a home, you can get your house sold more quickly.

Families looking to buy a home are looking for wide open spaces in a house where the whole family can get together, according to Dana Dratch, writing on the Bankrate website. Wide open areas such as finished basements and garages will help to add appeal to your home. The one room that many buyers do still want to see is a large dining room. Family entertaining for the holidays is important to many people, and having an area where friends and family can gather for a meal is appealing when selling a home.

When people look to buy a home, they want to have as much comfort as possible. That is one of the motivations behind many homebuyers saying that central air conditioning, a patio and an open porch are important factors they consider when buying a home, according to Robert Freedman, writing on the Realtor website. People also like the comfort features of a fenced-in yard, which allows homeowners to enjoy the outdoors without interference from outsiders, and separate showers to help get their morning shower just the way they like it and then leave it that way.

Generic Features
Personalizing your home is something that many homeowners enjoy doing. But creating strange floor plans by splitting up rooms or painting a mural of your favorite movie poster right on your living room wall can decrease the chances that you will sell your home, according to the Appraisal Today website. If you want to personalize your home, make the changes temporary. Put up a wall-sized poster rather than painting the wall itself. Use wall partitions that can easily be removed to open up your floor space. Be able to make your house generic to allow it to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible.

The Realtor website points out that home buyers want their new home to be set up for the newest technology before they move in. Wireless Internet connection, digital phone service and high definition cable television wiring will all help to increase the possibility of selling your home quickly. When you get cable television wired into your home, ask the installer to run wires to all of the bedrooms whether you intend to put a television in those rooms or not. Those extra cable television connections can be seen as a convenience to a potential buyer and increase the likelihood that they will want to buy your house.


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