Some Important Listing Information For The Home Seller HOME SELLER: Episode 00002


Some Listing Agents find no joy in taking listings, but they do find it extremely rewarding when they sell and close on houses. Like a bank’s primary focus is to make loans and not hold inventory, the same applies to a Real estate agent. Over the years, I tried to perfect my selling strategy, and the Systematic Home Selling strategy to all my homes. If I cannot meet all the criteria’s, I will not take the listing.The Systematic Market Approach to Home Selling employs these strategies:

(1) Pricing

I do not use a CMA – Comparative Market Approach. What I use is a pricing strategy very similar to what a home appraiser would use. I would give credit to all the upgrades and features (something that a Seller loves to hear, rather than Nope, your Board-on-board fence brings no added monetary value). Likewise, if a home lacks certain features and it could hurt. This pricing strategy takes over several hours to do. It studies Sold data and studying what this new listing needs to be priced at in order to be competitive based on its market availability.

(2) Internet Marketing

It is important to understand Internet Marketing and how capitalizing on different sites can capture more audiences for the Seller’s home. Just having a website is NOT sufficient. Here I use two (2) Multiple Listing Services that automatically feds into However, based on my recent observations, buyers no longer use website as their primary search tool. My Systematic Market Approach utilizes Internet Marketing, websites, search engine optimization techniques and RSS syndications and syndications that fed Zillow, Trulia and more than 300 portals Locally, Nationally and Internationally. Most Sellers do not understand the complexity of it but in the end, they know that I am out there on the World Wide Web for them. Including being on International multiple listing services and feeding information to social media sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest and more. We will also promote the property on Craigslist as it has been found that promoting a listing on Craigslist resulted in an average of 6.8 online visits to the property for each Craigslist promotion.

It has also been found, that on average, with online viewing for every 1,000- 2,000 online views you should get 1 actual detail preview of the property online and that for every 10 – 12 in person online detail previews you should get one actual physical preview of the property. NOTE: This is making the assumption that all viewers are within a reasonable driving distance and that there are enough pictures, information and the home meets other criteria to be discussed later.

(3) Home Preparation/ Staging

As part of the Systematic Market Approach to Home Selling, preparing the home for a top-notch contract is essential. It includes staging. We have an Accredited Staging Professional Realtor®, They would come up with a Recommended staging list for the home seller at the end of the listing interview. If the seller prefers to use a Professional Stager, a referral will be given to them. Staging is a part of a requirement that should be considered when a listing agent is to take the listing.

(4) Lifestyle Marketing

Every home has a story. The listing agents job is to tell the story and relate to Buyers on an emotional level. At the same time, we relate to Buyers on a personal level in terms of life conveniences. Hence, we not only market the home, we market the location. This by far has been the differentiator to our marketing strategy.

(5) Good Photography

They say that pictures speak a thousand words. With good photography, we can present the property in such a manner so the buyers can experience your home before seeing it. We do still photography and virtual tours. We can only put the number of pictures on the multiple listing service that are allowed but with a virtual tour you can bring attention to other aras of the house that are not covered by still photographs.

(6) Other Details

Include floor plans if possible
Dimensions of the important rooms is a must
Virtual Tour
School Location(s)
What’s near by


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