It May Be Possible To Reduce Real Estate Taxes For Free HOME BUYER: Episode 00021


Tax Collector

You can reduce real estate taxes for free, so don’t fall for companies that charge for this service. When you arrived home and see a wonderful letter from a nice company offering to save you thousands of dollars on your property tax. Since real estate tax values have cratered, they tell you that you could apply to have your property tax reduced, saving you big bucks.

The company would go through the trouble of filling out the documents and acting as your advocate with the authorities in your area. All they want in exchange for this wonderful service was $179.

At first, it looked like a reasonable offer especially if you dislike paperwork and you have enough on your plate. You want to save money of course and you love saving time. You did a Google search and you even found comments that were very complimentary of these companies. But just for fun, go to the County Assessor.

Here’s what you will learn.

Regardless of where you live, chances are you can fill out a one-page form and save the $179.

Visit your County Assessor website and do a search for Decline in Value Reassessment form. Don’t fall for these companies who are little better than debt relief scams. In fact, they’re probably owned by the same people!

Have you received one of these scam letters? Did you fall for it? How did you respond?


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