10 Things You Need To Do Just Before Purchasing And Moving Into Your Home HOME BUYER: Episode 00020


After purchasing your home you will think now I am done, not so, there are items you need to take care of before you walk through the front door of your new home.

Here are some the 10 Points You Need To Do Just Before Purchasing (actual signing of the closing documents) And Moving Into Your Home

1. Follow-up on your utility transfer.
You should have already begun this procedure prior to closing. If not, that’s okay as long as the previous owners have not had the utilities turned off. Find out from them prior to closing so you can transfer or apply for a new account prior to closing. Otherwise you might have one of those OH NO moments when you are moving in and you have no utilities turned on.

2. Do A Change Of Address Form.
Either go on line or visit the local post office and complete the change of address form as early as possible so you minimize the amount of mail that gets sent to your former address and then needs to be forwarded to your new address. This helps eliminating those late charges for bills that could have been paid on time.

3. Update your address with financial, companies and business providers.
When it comes to financial documents credit/bank/debit cards and other papers, records, and reports, it’s best to notify them of the address change. I am sure you do not want them sent to your previous address.

4. Update your voting information.
Call your local election board or visit their internet web site determine how to update your address. Even if this was just a local move you need to update the contact information in case there is a change in your polling precinct.

5. Obtain a new driver license or identification card.
If your moved is local, regional within the state or across state lines, go to your local Department of Motor Vehicles or visit their website to find out the procedure updating or obtaining a new driver’s license, permit or identification card.}. Normally there’s a grace period where you’re allowed to use the old form of identification, however you’ll run the possibility of having an invalid form of identification after the grace period and the possibility of receiving a ticket.

6. Acquire a safe deposit box.
Having a safe deposit box is often an excellent idea especially for keeping those important documents in like your insurance papers, the home purchase documents, wills, life estate documents etc.

7. Establish Your Auto-Pay.
If your financial institution offers it, established auto-pay for your mortgage, vehicle loan, and any others that you can set up. It will be one less concern you will be responsible for, and those payments will be made on time reducing or eliminating any late fees. As a side note I suggest using more than one financial institution to keep your money in.

8. Go and meet your new neighbors.
If your neighbors don’t introduce themselves, go introduce yourself. They may be considerate and remembered when they moved in an all the things they had to do and don’t want to intrude. This way you can meet them and learn more about the neighborhood. They also are the ones that will keep an eye on your home when you are gone, as well as you keeping an eye on their home when they are gone.

9. Get use to your new mortgage payment.
If this is a move up home or you are a first time home owner wait a few months before you purchase a new vehicle, furniture or any other large purchase.

10. Enjoy the Experience.
You’re now a new home owner. Step back relax and enjoy the moment and plan for your future.