Selling Your Home – Improve It To Move It, But Don’t Overspend HOME SELLER: Episode 00011


The housing market is a fluid, living thing that consistently changes. I learned the best tips about which renovations to work on and which to avoid if you are selling your home. “You want to spend the right amount of money to get the best return. For every dollar you put in, you want to be able to get at least that or more back. For example, you don’t want to put a high-end kitchen in a tiny ranch house. You don’t want to over-improve, anything you can do to lighten or brighten a space, such as lighter curtains instead of heavy drapes will work in your favor. If you have a real dark room, you may want to consider a skylight.”

Curb appeal
“People make a lot of their decisions about buying a house in the first three minutes. Over ninety percent of buyers are searching online now. They see the pictures of your home which need to be very professional and then they drive by, (if the buyer is in the general area) to see the outside of your home and check out the neighborhood. de-cluttering is important, and to fix the obvious, most noticeable things.


Does your roof look good? Does it have black lichen on it?Having a newer roof is definitely preferable if you are trying to sell your home. If you have problems with black lichen, which can get under shingles and cause damage besides looking bad, you can have a copper or zinc strip installed on the peak of your roof. That copper and zinc prevent lichen from forming when it rains.

Kitchens and baths

Kitchens and baths are what sell homes. Doing simple upgrades, such as replacing a worn countertop, painting or adding new hardware to cabinetry. If you have nice older tile, you don’t have to tear it out. Put in a new sink, faucet or better lighting. Get rid of the fluorescent lighting around your bathroom mirror, many big box stores carry relatively inexpensive countertops that have the look of granite.

Carpets and flooring

While hardwood flooring is popular, if you have carpeting and want to upgrade for sale, go with a Berber carpet in neutral shades such as sand, taupe or smoke. If you have vinyl flooring, you may want to consider putting in tile. A tile or stone entryway makes a good impression.

Energy conservation and green upgrades
Making improvements such as new windows not only works for you but for your buyer as well. So having your home sealed, having insulation put or blown in, or improving the heating or hot water system could pay off.

Final tips

Small changes can make a big difference. Other suggestions are to install ceiling fans, or if you have a back porch or deck, screened it in. To save money on hiring professionals, always get more than one bid and always check references and if they are licensed and have workman’s compensation insurance.

Final, Final Tip

Paint, paint, paint interior and exterior, every home should receive a fresh coat of paint before it is listed. New paint is arguably the most important renovation you can make prior to selling and it is also the most cost-effective. You can do this renovation on your own. Paint will help your home to look cleaner and to appear more updated. When choosing a color, pick one that is neutral. Keep in mind that the person who buys your home may not have the same tastes and furniture as you do. Therefore, it is wise to be conservative. Choose a color that will work with a variety of design styles and one that is not overbearing. Also, try to avoid bold colors. They might be trendy and fun; however, they could prevent your house from selling.


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